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By: M. Irhabar, M.A., M.D.

Clinical Director, Homer G. Phillips College of Osteopathic Medicine

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Adopting measures to recognize and deal with cumulative effect issues and concerns; o. Managing Crown lands to set an example for owners of private woodlots and industrial lands privately held; p. Implementing (restoring) targets/goals for limiting clearcutting on Crown lands; q. Restoring objectives for limiting clearcutting established by the forestry strategy; r. Requiring those licensed to harvest on Crown lands to manage their own lands to the same or similar standards; s. Regulating forest practices on private land (perhaps with exemptions for small parcels); t. Making silviculture funding available on a broader basis to owners of private land to improve the financial viability of alternatives to clearcutting; w. Along the same lines, considering options for utilizing the Registry of Buyers, with or independently of assigning a role to registered foresters in the development and approval of management plans, as a mechanism for encouraging owners of private land to responsibly manage their forests; x. Ensuring the community forest is given a full and fair opportunity to show what it can accomplish; bb. Considering some kind of pilot project on the potential role of municipalities in forestry management; cc. Within that context (or with another framing), work with all stakeholders to develop a widely shared vision of the importance of forests and of forestry to Nova Scotia that is in equal measure about economic opportunity and ecological wellfibeing and that (1) supports the value of the forests to the current economy, including the existing forestry industry and tourism industries and (2) supports the value the forests can have to the industries and economic opportunities of the future. What other ideas (options, actions or combination of actions) should be considered by this Reviewfi Should private woodlot owners be guaranteed a share of the timber market and if so, how could this be accomplished/administeredfi If there is a market access issue, what are the scale and dimensions of this problemfi A drop in demand within Nova Scotia, specifically from the closure of Bowater paper mill and Oakhill sawmill; c. The availability of wood from Crown lands in relation to the demand for timber/wood/fibre; d. What are the things that can be done about it or that would have to be done about it if government was of the view that it should do something about itfi Does the market access issue call for fundamental rethinking of how Crown land harvesting should be controlled or managed, or about how the interaction between Crown and private supply should be managed, to ensure market fairness (and transparency) in Nova Scotiafi Does it suggest the need for an alternative mechanism for ensuring stability of supply for the industryfi Are there connections of interest and importance between the market access issue and the forest practices questionfi What other or different questions should or could be asked to complete the mandated reviewfi What can realistically be accomplished by this Review in the prescribed timeframefi How should the review factor in and build on the Natural Resources Strategy, including the reports of the steering panel and of the expert panels, and the public input that was received under that processfi What, if anything, can this Review do, in its report or otherwise, to contribute to a less polarized discussion about forestry in Nova Scotiafi How can recommendations on forestry practices be equally grounded in ecological stewardship that aligns with provincial legislation (including the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act and the promised Biodiversity Act) and an economic vision for Nova Scotia that aligns with provincial economic strategy (including as outlined in the One Nova Scotia report and its followfiup)fi The meeting was opened with remarks from Bill Lahey about the independent forestry review which he is leading. Lahey suggested that polarization is holding back the sector from greater success.

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For example, if the owner of a Crown timber licence or private land is driven by a shortfiterm economic strategy rather than a balanced approach to ecological and social issues, the professional may at some point be in conflict with the code of ethics. Both government agencies and corporations have corporate cultures that are largely shaped by leadership figures. How leadership recruits, rewards, and disciplines individuals who report to them shapes the culture. The whole point of this construct is that meaningful change requires changes in all facets and components of the system. The people element of an organization can be addressed by strategic hires (and reassignments) or education as described above. Change in organizational behaviour of licensees and landowners is more problematic. The process of this Review in and of itself has an influence to some extent on the organizational cultural behaviour of licensees. But the new licensees could be corporations consisting of both existing commitment holders as key 10 library05. These entirely new organizations would develop their own culture, with a common purpose of implementing ecological forestry. This diversity encourages adaptive management at many levels, including the organizational level of the implementation bodies. For example, the licence might specify, in addition to meeting wood supply commitments, a requirement for silvicultural effectiveness monitoring (Alberta has a good system), hierarchical landscapefilevel planning, and accountability through independent forest audits (as found in Ontario). Currently, some licence obligations are assumed as part of wood supply agreements on Crown lands surrounding Northern Pulp and Port Hawkesbury Paper. The delivery of these forest management programs will be strongly influenced by the corporate culture of the parent pulp mill companies. The Medway Community Forest Cooperative (2018) is an example of a novel form of organization developed to deliver a forest management program. The board members represent a crossfisection of interested stakeholders, but no forest products companies are shareholders. Landowner behaviour can be changed through extension, tax incentives, or regulations. There are examples of progress using both voluntary systems in Minnesota and regulations in Maine, Oregon, and Washington. It appears that Nova Scotia is not interested in a regulated system to influence private landowner behaviour. Following an environmental assessment of forestry practices in the 1990s, the government created an implementation body called the Minnesota Forest Resources Council. Council members represent a wide range of forest resource interests and hold public meetings every other month to discuss key issues. Credible independent audits show high rates of compliance for voluntary bestfimanagement practices. It offers many resources to landowners to encourage their participation in ecological forestry and a wood products marketplace.

Esophageal disorder

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An alarm is any physical or electronic device that monitors resident movement and alerts the staff when movement is detected. Ask the resident (or family or significant other or guardian or legally authorized representative if resident is unable to understand or respond): "Do you want to talk to someone about the possibility of leaving this facility and returning to live and receive services in the communityfi Discharge Date (A2000 on existing record to be modified/inactivated) Complete only if X0600F = 10, 11, or 12. Enter Number Enter the number of correction requests to modify/inactivate the existing record, including the present one. No Continue to C0100, Should Brief Interview for Mental Status (C0200-C0500) be Conductedfi. No (resident is rarely/never understood) Skip to and complete C0700-C1000, Staff Assessment for Mental Status. Feeling bad about yourself or that you are a failure or have let yourself or your family down. Indicating that s/he feels bad about self, is a failure, or has let self or family down. Locomotion on unit how resident moves between locations in his/her room and adjacent corridor on same floor. Eating: the ability to use suitable utensils to bring food and/or liquid to the mouth and swallow food and/or liquid once the meal is placed before the resident. Putting on/taking off footwear: the ability to put on and take off socks and shoes or other footwear that is appropriate for safe mobility; including fasteners, if applicable. Walk 50 feet with two turns: Once standing, the ability to walk at least 50 feet and make two turns. Wheel 50 feet with two turns: Once seated in wheelchair/scooter, the ability to wheel at least 50 feet and make two turns. Not rated, resident had a catheter (indwelling, condom), urinary ostomy, or no urine output for the entire 7 days. Enter Code Bowel continence Select the one category that best describes the resident. If resident is comatose or if A0310G = 2, skip to J1100, Shortness of Breath (dyspnea). Ask resident: "How much of the time have you experienced pain or hurting over the last 5 daysfi Injury (except major) skin tears, abrasions, lacerations, superficial bruises, hematomas and 2. Check all of the following nutritional approaches that were performed during the last 7 days. Number of these unstageable pressure ulcers/injuries that were present upon admission/entry or reentry enter how many were noted at the time of admission/entry or reentry. Current Number of Unhealed Pressure Ulcers/Injuries at Each Stage continued on next page. Therapy end date record the date the most recent therapy regimen (since the most recent entry) started. I also certify that I am authorized to submit this information by this facility on its behalf. Lifetime occupation(s) put "/" between two occupations: Most Recent Admission/Entry or Reentry into this Facility. Or, the assistance of 2 or more helpers is required for the resident to complete the activity. Dentures (if applicable): the ability to insert and remove dentures into and from the mouth, and manage denture soaking and rinsing with use of equipment. Toileting hygiene: the ability to maintain perineal hygiene, adjust clothes before and after voiding or having a bowel movement. Stage 2: Partial thickness loss of dermis presenting as a shallow open ulcer with a red or pink wound bed, without slough. Number of unstageable pressure ulcers/injuries due to non-removable dressing/device If 0 Skip to M0300F, Unstageable Slough and/or eschar. Number of unstageable pressure injuries presenting as deep tissue injury If 0 Skip to N2005, Medication Intervention. If the sum of individual, concurrent, and group minutes is zero, skip to O0425B, Occupational Therapy. If the sum of individual, concurrent, and group minutes is zero, skip to O0425C, Physical Therapy.

Malignant paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia

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In this case, risks and ben- essary include reward systems, frequent feedback and strategies efits need to be carefully considered and a decision can only be to avoid procrastination. Cognitive remediation provides tech- reached by considering each case individually. In dialectical for use in children are in general less risky than those that have behaviour therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy techniques are not been used in this population. Efficacy mulates in breastmilk and increases the risk of seizures in the of psychotherapy in a trial performed by motivated and well- newborn. Social circumstances were an important fac- tor in comorbidity risk; children from poorer backgrounds had 3. Psychological treatments are a complement to pharmacological the order of appearance of comorbidity can be established. Some treatment (A) conditions may be present before the appearance of the first 2. Other conditions behavioural paradigm (A) may coincide with the development of clinically significant 3. However, the majority of comorbidity occurs after the appearance of the full syndrome Downloaded fromjop. Co-morbidity is common in both childhood and adulthood, and may determine outcomes (D). Functioning declines with increasing numbers of comor- bidities, and use of health and educational services and need for 3. Neurologists and pae- diatricians are more aware of epilepsy and allergic conditions Comorbidity with substance use disorder. A large epidemiological study has also young adults will undergo changes in their lives in the transition found a six-fold increase in substance misuse by adolescent boys period. A professional or group of professionals that are going to lead their study of clinically referred adults also reported significantly care as an adult (S). The strength of the specific association with bipolar disorder is debated (Skirrow et al. There is little evidence of wors- presence of active drug and alcohol abuse therefore meet crite- ening of tics or obsessive behaviours with stimulant treat- rion D. Based on expert opinion (S) these are as follows: ment in this group of patients; however, some studies point to a decrease tolerance of stimulants in patients with comorbid 1. Refer and liaise with community drug and alcohol ser- learning disability (Simonoff et al. If poor clinical response to atomoxetine, consider treat- norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, anticonvulsants and cog- ment with extended-release methylphenidate or lisdexa- nitive enhancers have little evidence supporting their use mfetamine. Combine medication with psychoeducation, relapse pre- Cardiovascular risk in some types of learning disability is vention and cognitive behavioural therapy. Regarding treatment, in children a small positive effect of methylphenidate (Jahromi et al. No increase in obsessive behaviours was found with meth- disorders and foetal alcohol syndrome, despite methodological ylphenidate or atomoxetine in comorbid children, but more side controversies in the diagnosis of these conditions. Risperidone has been widely about treatment of these comorbidities in the adult are very lim- used in children with comorbid conduct disorder; its prescription ited, and no recommendations can be extrapolated.

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