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By: D. Hauke, M.A., M.D.

Medical Instructor, West Virginia University School of Medicine

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At bignodular form of silicosis in lungs are formed plural nodules, consisting from whirlwindform located hyalinosing fibres, consist from connective tissue, it is possible them calcification. Blood vessels are narrowed, with dystrophic changes, lymphatic nodes with the phenomena of a sclerosis. Progressing of biggranulema to us silicosis is characterized by formation of rough nodal and diffuse pneumoconiosises. The nodules are determined in a small amount (talcosis, asbes to sis, mica pneumoconiosis etc. At asbes to sis the nodulus is submitted by particles of the asbestine fibres covered with a serous membrane. Influence of aerosols of metals results in development of dissemination with fibrous reaction. The granulomas represent cellular-fibrous formations with huge multinuclear cells. First it is observed broncho bronchiolitis, pneumonitis, proliferation of lymphoid and hysteocytar elements. The pneumosclerosis of focal and diffuse character with early collagenosis, destruction of collagenic fibres further is formed. Firm metals (tungsten, molybdenum, titan, tantalum, zirconium) and their alloys cause pneumonitis, fibrotic alveolitis, diffuse pneumosclerosis. The radiological characteristic of pneumoconiosises the diagnosis of pneumoconiosis is substantially the radiological diagnosis. Radiologically pneumoconiosises are characterized by diffuse changes of pulmonary tissue as interstitial (Fig. Radiologically, the degree of severity of coniotic fibrosis is estimated by the nature of the detected dark shadows by their shape, size, profusion, i. The second stage nodular pneumoconiosis is characterized by diffuse uniform arrangement numerous fine nodules in the size from 1 to 10 mm. Fibrous condensation of lungs radices are more expressed, than in the first stage and mediastinal lymphatic nodes are increased (fig. The clinic-functional characteristic of pneumoconiosises the clinicofunctional characteristic (clinical picture) of pneumoconiosises includes clunical and functional attributes of disease: bronchitis, bronchiolitis, emphysema of lungs, pulmonary insufficiency (1, 2, 3 degrees), cor pulmonale and complications of pneumoconiosises. Later development (formation of process in years after cessation of work in conditions of influence of a dust). The clinic-functional characteristic of pneumoconiosises the clinic-functional characteristic (clinical picture) of pneumoconiosises includes clunical and functional attributes of disease: bronchitis, bronchiolitis, emphysema of lungs, pulmonary insufficiency (1, 2, 3 degrees), cor pulmonale and complications of pneumoconiosises. Studying a professional anamnesis and the sanitary-hygienic characteristic of working conditions. Radiopulmography with Xe for revealing early changes, an establishment of character, localizations, prevalence of process. Strengthening of antioxidant protection of respira to ry organs, using antioxidants (ascorbic acid, rutin, Vit. Reduction of bronchial obstruction through the prolonged use of bronchodila to r drugs (ipratropium bromide, salbutamol, fenoterol). At incomplete effect of short acting bronchodila to rs long actihg bronchodila to rs are used (formoterol, salmeterol, tiotropium bromide). At treatment of cor pulmonale: cardiac glycosides, blocka to rs of angiotensin converting enzyme, diuretics, calcium cannel antagonists). But also here work in conditions of high concentration of a dust in the closed spaces and with physical tension is contra-indicated. Silicosis of the first degree (interstitial) provides the employment without invalidization. Passage in to work without contact with low temperatures, physical loadings, dust content, to xic and irritating substances in this case is necessary. If this passage conducts to loss of qualification than the third group of invalidity on professional disease is established. At 2-3 stages of process with respira to ry insufficiency of 2-3 stage the second group of invalidity is established. In recent years, reducing dustiness of the air in the working area, improved diagnostics of dust pathology led to the pre-possession of the initial stages of the pathological process, characterized by a slowly progressive course.

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It is due to sudden tension in the sys to lic murmur of mitral the damaged valve as its opening is incompetence (mitral regurgitation) arrested. It has to be distinguished from benign murmurs which are less loud, less well conducted, blowing or musical in character and often vary with posture. The pulse is of poor volume and slow rising character to an extent determined by the degree of stenosis. The same murmur is commonly heard in elderly patients who have aortic valve sclerosis without narrowing. This is not accompanied by narrow pulse pressure, low volume pulse or radiation of the murmur. General in pulmonary oedema, wheezing in examination will involve inspection asthma or chronic bronchitis. The character of pleural thickening or fuid, or narrowing any sputum should be noted, especially of a bronchus. The affected side may the presence of blood (haemoptysis) move less and the other side may or pus. Inspection Paradoxical movement of the chest Respira to ry movement should be usually follows multiple rib fractures. Note, also, producing metabolic acidosis (air how many fngers can be inserted hunger), for example diabetic coma, between the sternum and the thyroid salicylate poisoning. The fngers remain fxed on the chest wall and the movement of the (5) Upper border of liver dullness. This is often lower than normal (5th Maximum chest expansion may also be interspace) when emphysema is measured with a measuring tape at the present. This should be carried out symmetrically over the whole chest Place one hand on the chest wall while the patient breathes freely and feel for vibration produced when through the open mouth. Fremitus is usually equal on both sides pleural effusion abolishes it (1) Breath sounds completely. The normal breath sound heard over the lungs is a murmuring or rustling Percussion sound, heard mainly during inspiration Gives an indication of the condition and at the beginning of expiration of the underlying lung and pleura. This sound is Compare the note over corresponding probably caused by the passage of air areas on each side, either by moving to and fro in small, or even relatively from one side to the other moving from large, bronchi at a distance from the the apex to the base; or examining chest wall, and not by alveolar air each side sequentially. When the lung and main bronchi a harsh sound is contains more air than usual, as in heard throughout inspiration and emphysema, or when there is air in the expiration. It is usually example the right apical region and accompanied by increased vocal between the scapulae, the bronchial resonance and fremitus. Increase (Note again the association between in the intensity of the breath sounds bronchial breathing, whispering is unimportant unless there is also an pec to riloquy and increased tactile vocal alteration in the quality of the sounds.

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