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By: R. Kent, M.A., M.D., Ph.D.

Medical Instructor, West Virginia University School of Medicine

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Together they can lead to a complete absence of heart rate variability as a result of cardiac denervation. These tests, in principle, can be carried out with a conventional electrocardiograph, a s to p watch and a blood pressure instrument [strength of recommendation A]. For advanced diagnosis, computer-assisted systems are available that fulfill the requirements for the measurement of R-R intervals including spectral and vec to r analyses. Changes in arterial baroreflex activity are frequently observed in diabetes mellitus and au to nomic neuropathy. Medications: for example, tricyclic antidepressants, antiarrhythmic drugs, clonidine [Rothschild et al. The length of the inspiration phase is six seconds and the expiration phase, four seconds. For healthy patients, the shortest R-R interval occurs around the 15th heart beat (interindividual, 5th to 25th beat) after standing up. Consequently, as a test parameter, the maximum/minimum 30:15 ratio is defined as the longest R-R interval between beats 20 and 40 divided by the shortest R-R interval between beats 5 and 25 after standing up. The numerically exactly defined 30:15 ratio proposed by Ewing and Clarke (1982) cannot be recommended because of the physiological variability in the reflex response just described. Valsalva manoeuvre While sitting, the subject blows in to a mouthpiece that is connected to a manometer. The R-R intervals are recorded during the manoeuvre and for 15 seconds afterwards. Due to the potential risk of causing retinal or vitreous haemorrhages, the Valsalva manoeuvre should not be performed on patients with proliferative retinopathy. Orthostatic response First, the blood pressure is taken twice within a minute while the patient is supine, then, immediately after standing up and, afterwards, every 30 seconds for three minutes. The sys to lic blood pressure change is defined as the difference between the last value before standing up and the lowest value after standing up. The standard limits for advanced diagnosis in two commonly used computer programmes are summarised in Tables 7a and 7b. The Valsalva manoeuvre can be regarded as a global test of parasympathetic and sympathetic function. They are caused by a dysfunction of the neuronal control of motility, secretion, absorption and perception in the gastrointestinal tract and, in fact, are probably due to functional and structural injury to efferent and afferent fibres of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, including the ganglia of the gastrointestinal tract [Bittinger et al. However, there is only a relatively weak connection between symp to ms and gastric emptying [Horowitz et al. Gastric emptying in diabetic patients is not affected by a Helicobacter pylori infection [Jones et al. An appropriate tentative diagnosis can be made if evidence for diabetic neuropathies and other suspicious fac to rs are present (Table 8). Hyperglycaemia per se may delay gastric emptying in a scintigraphic test or may falsify an anorectal manometric measurement. For this reason, the patient should show blood sugar levels preferably below 200 mg/dl at the time of these tests [de Boer et al. Taking in to consideration their half-lives, all drugs that affect gastric motility. The intake of food should be s to pped at least eight hours before the test (see also Table 6). The lengthening of the transit time, motility disturbances (contraction amplitude, contraction duration) as well as reduced pressure in the lower oesophageal sphincter can be demonstrated scintigraphically and manometrically [Horowitz et al. For clinical symp to ms such as dysphagia and odynophagia, a thorough differential diagnosis must always be performed [strength of recommendation A]. The pathogenesis and clinical picture of the diabetic gallbladder dysfunction, which is also known as diabetic cholecys to paresis, diabetic neurogenic gall bladder, diabetic cholecys to megaly or diabetic cholecys to pathy, are even to day not adequately clarified. In any case, particularly when other manifestations of au to nomic neuropathy are present, a careful sonographic examination should be done [strength of recommendation A]. Predominant symp to ms are nausea, vomiting, flatulence, feeling of fullness and early feeling of satiety.


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Efficacy of of male erectile dysfunction: a pharmacokinetic, extended-release doxazosin and doxazosin standard in pharmacodynamic and interaction study with intravenous patients with concomitant benign prostatic hyperplasia nitroglycerine in healthy male subjects. Erectile dysfunction in the Therapeutic effect of essential phospholipids on Africa/Middle East Region: Epidemiology and experience with functional sexual disorders in males. Prolactin levels and adverse events in patients treated with Khan M A, Raistrick M, Mikhailidis D P et al. Venlafaxine extended release for treatment of men with idiopathic hemochroma to sis. Time course of the interaction between tadalafil and Kim N N, Dhir V, Azadzoi K M et al. Comparison of the synergistic between the phosphodiesterase 5 inhibi to r, tadalafil effects of tamsulosin versus phen to lamine on penile erection: In and 2 alpha-blockers, doxazosin and tamsulosin in vitro and in vivo studies. Risk fac to rs for an early increase in dose of vasoactive agents for intracavernous Kloner R A, Mitchell M, Emmick J T. A Randomized Open Label Study of the Impact of Quetiapine Versus Risperidone on La Vignera S, Calogero A E, Cannizzaro M A et al. Psychiatr Ann crossover study using yohimbine and isoxsuprine versus 1999;29(12):683 pen to xifylline in the management of vasculogenic impotence. Adult-onset Dysfunction: Management via Avoidance, Switching idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism presented with Antidepressants, Antidotes, and Adaptation. A meta-regression analysis of treatment effect modifiers in trials with flexible-dose oral Larson T R. Current treatment options for benign sildenafil for erectile dysfunction in broad-spectrum prostatic hyperplasia and their impact on sexual populations. Ocular safety in patients using sildenafil citrate therapy for erectile dysfunction. Is high-dose yohimbine hydrochloride effective in the treatment of mixed-type Laties A M, Fraunfelder F T, Flach A J et al. A prospective, randomized, controlled double-blind safety of Viagra, (sildenafil citrate). Longitudinal differences in disease specific quality of life in men with erectile dysfunction: Results from the Kupelian V, Shabsigh R, Travison T G et al. Is there a explora to ry comprehensive evaluation of erectile relationship between sex hormones and erectile dysfunctionfi The efficacy Prevalence and Correlates of Erectile Dysfunction by Race and of tadalafil in clinical populations. Br J Sex Med Ethnicity Among Men Aged 40 or Older in the United States: 2005;2(4):517-531. Use of oral sildenafil (Viagra) in the impotence in the male dialysis patient: experience with treatment of erectile dysfunction. The role of androgen deprivation therapy combined dysfunction in anticoagulated cases: a study of with prostate brachytherapy. Phosphodiesterases as discontinuing intracavernous injection therapy with therapeutic targets. What is the incidence of sexual dysfunction Lenze E J, Karp J F, Mulsant B H et al. Somatic symp to ms in in males following rectal excision for benign and late-life anxiety: Treatment issues. A goal-oriented, cost on sexual experiences and nocturnal penile effective approach to the diagnosis and treatment of 24 male tumescence and rigidity in erectile dysfunction. Potential confusion between erectile Evaluation 2004;2(8):223 dysfunction and premature ejaculation: An evaluation of men presenting with erectile difficulty at a sex therapy clinic.

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Such a change might already be under way with societal changes and the equality in family and work life men engaging in family life and child care. In Europe more and more men want a caring and family friendly development both in the workplace and at home, where men and women cooperate more, are less segregated, and interact on a more balanced basis. Furthermore there is a need to understand gender specific symp to ms and reactions and particularly symp to ms and reactions that are more frequent in men. However, the findings of two other European Reports (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, 2006; 2010) revealed that men reported work-related stress more frequently than women. Mental stress symp to ms, such as overall fatigue and irritability, were also slightly more frequently reported by men. Large differences were also seen from country to country with the highest level reported in Greece (55%), and in Slovenia, Sweden, and Latvia (all around 38%). The relative gender differences for this group of mental health disorders seem to be consistent in all countries, while there are greater differences in to tal numbers between the countries. The same is true when looking at the age standardised death rates due to these disturbances, however the differences between countries and between the genders are bigger (Fig. Apart from those the occurrence among men are several times more frequent in men (Fig. The largest gender differences stem from depression/mood 308 (affective) disorder which affects 12% women and 6% men, anxiety disorders 16% woman and 8% men, and Soma to form disorders affecting 15% women and 7% men respectively. These figures do not fully illustrate the extent of mental health problems in the male population. Paradoxically although there is a significant correlation between depression and suicide, men commit suicide three times as often as women but are diagnosed with and in treatment for depression only half as often as women. The same picture is seen with self inflicted harm and mental and behavioural disorders due to alcohol. At the same time there are mental disorders, which are still hardly recognized in men, i. These results indicate that there might be actual differences between European countries in the prevalence of mental health disorders. Sex differences in the prevalence of depression have been shown to be much smaller than the figures from hospital admission and general practice attendance. Their results, collected in the general population through face to face interviews, showed only minor gender differences (15 percent or a female/male ratio of 1. Another reason why men appear less in the data relating to depression is that men may exhibit symp to ms not traditionally associated with depression (Branney & White, 2008). Depression is usually defined as a subdued and inward directed reaction with elements of self-deprecation and guilt feelings, whereas Rutz (2001), Winkler et al. As a result, the disturbance is not identified in men, and men do not, therefore, receive the treatment they need. Reactions to conflicting or painful conditions are therefore often actions whose objective is to avoid or to quickly get over doubts and pain.


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