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By: F. Bandaro, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., Ph.D.

Clinical Director, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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Results of our study were quiet similar their and Nayana Prabhu et al13 studies most patients were findings. Natural abutments in contact with removable wearing Kennedy class l and class ll dentures. Results partial denture showed increased plaque accumulation, of their study showed that abutment teeth are at higher inflammation and deterioration of periodontal health. Gingival index score showed increased gingival inflam There is dose response relationship of gum health and mation in removable partial denture wearers which is partial denture wearing. Therefore, it is prescribed in agreement with previously reported study by Samir that if possible there should be maximum space be A Qudah. Dulah 8 Results of this study show that removable partial et al in their clinical evaluation of periodontal health of abutment teeth in a five year period showed that dentures significantly affect health of abutment teeth. An increase in plaque gingival and calculus index is calculus formation was minimal to nil in most patients. These results are comparable to the result carried seen in abutment teeth along with the teeth being out by the present study according to which majority more prone to inflammation. Patients undergoing re movable partial denture treatment must follow strict patients showed no signs of calculus in abutment and control teeth. If possible patients should be Study done by Saliba et al24 showed increased calculus encouraged towards latest techniques of rehabilitation like dental implants in which there is less harm to the formation and concluded that use of removable partial denture was associated with periodontal and gingival abutment teeth. Follow up studies should be conduct ed over a long period of time to clearly identify long disease. These results showed Partial Dentures on the Health of Oral Tissues: A Systematic Review. Association between Dental Prosthesis and Periodontal Disease among Patients Visiting a Tertiary has pronounced negative effect on their periodontal Dental Care Centre in Eastern Nepal. Similarly it is also advised to visit the dentures on the periodontal health of abutment and non-abut dentist regularly for periodontal health assessment. Few clinical trials have shown that minimal damage 5 Ciocan-PendefundaArina, Ursarescu-Sufaru Irina Georgeta, was caused by partial denture when all the above stated Martu-Stefanache Maria Alexandra, IoanidNicoleta, Pendefun precautions were followed by patient after acquiring da Valeria, Iftene Gabriela. Study regarding the influence of periodontal maintenance therapy on tooth survival in patients prosthesis. Romanian Journal of Oral load on supporting teeth and alveolar bone will also Rehabilitation. The literature also proposes that provision of denture in removable partial denture wearers. Effect of removable partial dentures considered while designing the partial denture; that on periodontal health. Association of removable partial denture use lowest score of each index (mild disease). Periodontal considerations in remov Loss of follow-up is the major limitation of the present able partial denture treatment: a review of the literature. Quantitative changes in dental plaque formation related to removable partial dentures. The effect of Removable Den ture Use on Oral Health Related Quality of removable partial dentures on periodontal health of abutment Life and Masticatory Function, after 5 Years Use. An evaluation of the effects of two distal after 5 Years Use a Partial Removable Denture. Transitional dentures serve as one of the treatment option for patients presenting with very few remaining teeth, in compromised condition. A Cu-Sil denture is essentially a complete denture with holes lined with a rubber gasket, allowing the remaining natural teeth to protrude through.

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In the cleaned regularly (wells, concrete tanks and first campaigns against the yellow fever vector tyres)(50). They can also be used in conjunction in Cuba and Panama, in conjunction with with Bt. Copepods have a role in dengue widespread clean-up campaigns, Aedes larval vector control, but more research is required on habitats were treated with oil and houses were the feasibility of operational use. When the * Copepods should not be used in countries where guineaworm and gnathostomiasis are endemic, as they may act as intermediate hosts for these parasites. Current methods for Insect growth regulators applying insecticides include larvicide application and space spraying(51). Establishing the precise not cause immediate mortality of the timing and location are essential for maximum immature mosquitoes, countries with effectiveness. Control personnel distributing legislation stipulating that the breeding of the larvicide should always encourage house Aedes larvae is an offense, will require some occupants to control larvae by environmental alteration of the law, so as not to penalize sanitation. H-14, which is commercially available Temephos 1% sand granules under a number of trade names, is a proven, One per cent temephos sand granules are environmentally-nonintrusive mosquito applied to containers using a calibrated plastic larvicide. This the larvicide is used in drinking water in dosage has been found to be effective for 8-12 normal dosages(52). The quantity of sand formulations that appear to have greater 60 Prevention and Control Measures residual activity are commercially available the disease. This, however, is poor justification and can be used with confidence in drinking for using space sprays. H-14 is described in the recommendations are that space spraying of section on biological control. H-14 is that an time, at the right place, and according to the application destroys larval mosquitoes but prescribed instructions with maximum spares any entomophagus predators and other coverage, so that the fog penetration effect is non-target species that may be present. H complete enough to achieve the desired 14 formulations tend to rapidly settle at the results. The toxin important to follow the instructions on both is also photolabile and is destroyed by the application equipment and the insecticide sunlight. Droplets that are too small tend to drift beyond the target area, while large Space spraying involves the application of droplets fall out rapidly. Nozzles for ultra-low small droplets of insecticide into the air in an volume ground equipment should be capable attempt to kill adult mosquitoes. Desirable spray incidence in these countries during the same characteristics include a sufficient period of period of time. Recent studies have suspension in the air with suitable drift and demonstrated that the method has little effect penetration into target areas with the ultimate on the mosquito population, and thus on aim of impacting adult mosquitoes. Moreover, when there are two forms of space-spray that have space spraying is conducted in a community, been used for Ae. Both can be residents, which has a detrimental effect on dispensed by vehicle-mounted or hand community-based source reduction operated machines. Generally, a thermal portable equipment fogging machine employs the resonant pulse Portable spray units can be used when the principle to generate hot gas (over 200oC) at area to be treated is not very large or in areas high velocity. These gases atomize the where vehicle-mounted equipment cannot be insecticide formulation instantly so that it is used effectively. This equipment is meant for vaporized and condensed rapidly with only restricted outdoor use and for enclosed spaces negligible formulation breakdown. Portable fogging formulations can be oil-based or application can be made in congested low water-based. The oil(diesel)-based income housing areas, multistoried buildings, formulations produce dense clouds of white godowns and warehouses, covered drains, smoke, whereas water-based formulations sewer tanks and residential or commercial produce a colorless fine mist. Operators can treat an average of (particle) size of a thermal fog is usually less 80 houses per day, but the weight of the than 15 microns in diameter. The exact machine and the vibrations caused by the droplet size depends on the type of machine engine make it necessary to allow the and operational conditions. However, uniform operators to rest, so that two or three droplet size is difficult to achieve in normal operators are required per machine.

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An expanded problem-focused history includes one to three elements of a review of systems. The actual medical decision to continue the medication regimen is of low complexity. The woman had been dis charged from the same psychiatric unit 3 days earlier after a 5-day stay precip itated by threats of suicide in the context of alcohol intoxication. The patient had received diagnoses of adjustment disorder with depressed mood and sui cidal ideation, alcohol abuse, and mixed personality disorder with borderline features. Her interval history revealed that the patient had returned home after discharge from the hospital and within 24 hours became involved in verbally vi olent arguments with her husband, drank an unspecified amount of vodka, and threatened to kill him. The results of a physical examination are within normal limits, as are the results of the remainder of the laboratory studies. The mental status examination reveals a patient who is crying, angry, and accusing her husband of infidelity. The social work staff is asked to provide an evaluation of the husband and the family situation. Explanation for code choice: the lowest level of initial hospital care is ap propriate because this is a readmission with no change in the history database and because the medical decision making is straightforward. Vignettes for Evaluation and Management Codes 131 99222 A 40-year-old man discharged 12 days before the current admission with a di agnosis of schizophrenia had been given instructions to attend follow-up visits at an outpatient clinic to monitor his neuroleptic medication. He now presents with auditory hallucinations and paranoid ideation with violent thoughts toward his neighbors. His interval history reveals that he never attended the outpatient clinic and that he immediately discontinued taking the neuroleptic medication after discharge. The patient also has a history of diabetes mellitus controlled by oral medications and had discontinued taking his diabetes medication. A mental status examination reveals a poorly groomed individual with auditory hallucinations that are threatening toward the patient and paranoid delusions that involve neighbors trying to hurt him. He admits to violent thoughts toward his neighbors and states that he might have to harm or kill them. The results of his laboratory studies are normal ex cept for an elevated glucose level. Explanation for code choice: Although this case is also a readmission, the na ture of the presenting problem involves psychotic symptoms, violent thoughts, and symptomatic diabetes. The level of history taking and examination are compre hensive, and the medical decision making is moderately complex. Her family history reveals that her mother and a maternal uncle have been treated for depression. The patient has been do ing poorly in school for 6 months and has been experimenting with drugs and alcohol. She has been rebellious at home, and 2 months ago she reported that she might be pregnant. One week before her admission, her boyfriend of 1 year left her for another schoolmate. A mental status examination reveals a barely cooperative, sullen teenager whose speech is not spontaneous but is logical and coherent. The results of a physical examina tion and laboratory tests are all within normal limits. Explanation for code choice: Suicidal behaviors always require highly complex medical decision making supported by a comprehensive history and comprehen sive mental status examination. Two days before her admission she became disorganized and aggressive toward her family and started talking to herself. Her 132 Procedure Coding Handbook for Psychiatrists, Fourth Edition family history reveals a maternal grandfather with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

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Transmission can occur through blood transfusion if the donor is in the early stages of disease. Infection through contact with contaminated articles may be theoretically possible but is extraordinarily rare. Health professionals have developed primary lesions on the hands following unprotected clinical examination of infectious lesions. Lesions of secondary syphilis may recur with decreasing frequency up to 4 years after infection, but transmission of infection is rare after the rst year. Transmission of syphilis from mother to fetus is most probable during early maternal syphilis but can occur throughout the latent period. Infected infants may have moist mucocutaneous lesions that are more widespread than in adult syphilis and are a potential source of infection. Emphasis on early detection and effective treatment of patients with transmis sible syphilis and their contacts should not preclude search for people with latent syphilis to prevent relapse and disability due to late manifestations. Congenital syphilis is prevented through serological examination in early pregnancy and again in late pregnancy and at delivery in high prevalence populations; treat those who are reactive. Teach methods of personal prophylaxis applicable before, during and after exposure, especially the correct and consis tent use of condoms. Control of patient, contacts and the immediate environment: 1) Report to local health authority: Case report of early infec tious syphilis and congenital syphilis is required in most countries, Class 2 (see Reporting); laboratories must report reactive serology and positive darkeld examinations in many areas. Patients should refrain from sexual intercourse until treatment is completed and lesions disappear; to avoid reinfection, they should refrain from sexual activity with previous partners until the latter have been examined and treated. The stage of disease determines the criteria for partner notication: a) for primary syphilis, all sexual contacts during the 3 months preceding onset of symptoms; b) for secondary syphilis, contacts during the preceding 6 months; c) for early latent syphilis, those of the preceding year, if time of primary and secondary lesions cannot be established; d) for late and late latent syphilis, marital partners, and children of infected mothers; and e) for congenital syphilis, all members of the immediate family. All identied sexual contacts of conrmed cases of early syphilis exposed within 90 days of examination should receive treatment. If adequate and appropriate treatment of the mother prior to the last month of pregnancy cannot be established, all infants born to seroreactive mothers should be treated with penicil lin. Serological testing is important to ensure adequate treat ment; tests are repeated at 3 and 6 months after treatment and later as needed. In a small percentage of patients treated for primary or secondary syphilis, nontreponemal tests may remain positive despite repeated treatment. Failure of nontreponemal tests to decline 4-fold by 3 months after treatment for primary or secondary syphilis identies those at risk of treatment failure. Careful evaluation of prior treatment and additional evalua tion may be required. Penicillin-sensitive pregnant women should have their al lergy conrmed with skin tests (major and minor penicillin determinants) if test antigens are available. Patients with conrmed penicillin allergy can be desensitized and given the appropriate dose of penicillin. International measures: 1) Examine groups of adolescents and young adults who move from areas of high prevalence for treponemal infections. Mucous patches of the mouth are often the rst lesions, soon followed by moist papules in skinfolds and by drier lesions of the trunk and extremities. Other early skin lesions are macular or papular, often hypertrophic, and frequently circi nate; lesions resemble those of venereal syphilis. Plantar and palmar hyperkeratoses occur frequently, often with painful ssuring; patchy depigmentation/hyperpigmentation of the skin and alopecia are common. Inammatory or destructive lesions of skin, long bones and nasopharynx are late manifestations. Unlike venereal syphilis, bejel now rarely shows neurological or cardiovascular involvement. Serological tests for syphilis are reactive in the early stages and remain so for many years then gradually tend toward reversal; response to treatment as in venereal syphilis.

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